-Because damn it, I’m just not in the mood to deal with politics.  (Although I’m working on a post about the midterms that’s coming soon.  Stay tuned.).

-So, Apple.  Once again,you tempt us with shiny geegaws designed to separate me from my money. Well, forget it.  I have a new iMac Mini I needed for the apartment and that is the extent of the money I am giving you this year….
What, the new version of iTunes lets you rent HD versions of TV shows for .99 cents a pop?  Well, I don’t watch that much TV and the few shows I’m interested in, I can wait for Netflix to post…
What?  You have the new season of “Doctor Who”?
The new Steven Moffet show runned season of “Doctor Who”?
The new Steven Moffet show runned season of “Doctor Who” with the insanely hot red headed companion?


-On the same subject, I am currently waiting for the first episode to download. (Damn you, Apple.)  but I have seen the nine minute preview that came free with the season so I can weigh in with an opinion.
Well, it sure as hell feels like “Who”.  You’ve got a world ending scenario, light, banterish dialogue, hints of a time stream being mucked with.  Matt Smith, (who I do not envy one bit.  He’s replacing David Tennant for fuck sakes!) seems seems sufficiently time lordish.  And the new companion..sweet God in heaven!!

Let me just say this.  For five minutes of hand holding, I would punch a nun.
For a kiss, I would fire bomb an orphanage.
Anything beyond that and I’d have to start my own weapons program.

-The trip preparations for Seattle continue apace.  My train tickets arrived Tuesday.  My time off from (REDACTED.) has been arranged.  And I am about to start firming up my list of activities.  For sure, I will be doing the open mike stand up. (Fair Warning.  It may be even filthier than the last one.  And the last one was pretty fucking filthy.

Also, as in years past, you can follow me along on my Twitter Feed. And I will be posting stuff on my new Vimeo page.
Because that’s how we roll in the new century!

-More later.


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