Random Notes 8-29-10

-A (much) belated congratulations to John McCain for proving that abandoning ones stated principles is still a viable campaign strategy.  But with limited gains. (H/T to Linda Chavez at the CourierPostOnline.com)

McCain didn’t need to pander on the immigration issue to be renominated. For all the blather emanating from some circles, illegal immigration is not a top voting issue for most Republicans. Jobs, the economy, taxes, the national debt, government spending and terrorism all trump immigration as primary issues of concern in most polls. And even in Arizona, the frontline of the immigration war, McCain’s record on comprehensive reform wasn’t much of a factor.McCain’s admission, following his victory, that “we had to do what it takes,” suggests his hard-line rhetoric was simply a bone thrown to the minority of Republican voters for whom illegal immigration is their top voting issue. He did the same thing when he was running for president in 2000 in South Carolina’s primary, only at that time the issue was the debate over the confederate flag flying over the state capitol. When he campaigned in the state, he said he viewed the flag as “a symbol of heritage” and demurred over whether it should fly over the capitol as a “state issue.” But he later called his statements an “act of cowardice.”

She goes on to say that McCain will likely win re-election because he’s twenty points up in the polls.  But November is still two months off.  His opponent is Rodney Glassman and if you can, he could probably use your donations.

-Speaking of midterms, I live in OR-02 and my Senator is Greg Walden who has consistently voted on the wrong side of things.  Including Health Care Reform and The Stimulus. Which is why I’m supporting Joyce Segers this year.  This is my ActBlue page for her.  If you can spare a few bucks, I’d be grateful.  By the way, a much longer and angrier post about the midterms is on the way.  Stay Tuned.

-As of this week, I am in official prep for my yearly vacation to the flesh pots of Seattle.  As per usual, I will be making my yearly pilgrimages to Scarecrow Video and the Pacific Science Center. (That’s right, I’m a geek.  Thanks for noticing.)  I will also be doing another shot at Open Mike comedy like I did last year.  Not to mention anything else that catches my fancy.  If anyone has an inside line on fun geeky things I can do while I’m in the Emerald City, leave a note in the comments.

-More later.


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