“Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”

The Good News: “SPVTW” is a joyous celebration of love, rolled in slacker comedy and dipped in a candy coating of video game graphics.  It puts Edgar Wright at 3 for 3.  And if he were to suddenly announce that his next project is a film version of “The Turner Diaries”, I’d still go to see it because I’d have absolute faith that he would find a way to make it totally awesome! (And non-racist.)

The Bad News: It’s looking like “SPVTW” is also this year’s “Speed Racer”.  I.E., an insanely audacious attempt to redefine visual storytelling that winds up scaring the shit out your average moviegoer.
It’s their loss.

Yeah, I’m the first to admit, the trailers look daunting.  And God knows you use the word “Hipster” in a large crowd, at least a third will involuntarily ball up their fists and look for a scrawny, bearded, twenty something to punch.

However, if you work your way through these things, you find yourself rewarded with a film that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear.  Hell, what do you want?  Even Jeffery Wells gave it a good review. A good review filled with backhanded compliments and general dickishness.  But still…
Go. See.  Trust me on this one.  Would I lie to you?


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