It it done…

I deleted my YouTube page tonight.

I began the channel on July 26, 2006.
I ended it today on August 15, 2010.
Between that time, I uploaded 64 videos.  Some were comedy sketches. Some were vacation videos I took during my yearly trips to Seattle.
At least five were all of a Heath Care reform event held here in Ashland last that featured Oregon Senate Majority Whip Alan Bates.
A huge chunk of them were episodes of my now defunct web show “News From the Front” which was was made of mostly of my jokey political rantings interspersed with all the news clips that fair use would allow.
At the end, I had the following stats:

Subscribers: 40

Friends: 109

Video Views: 32, 283

Channel Views: 5580

I know that your average video of a Kitten riding on a toy car could get more hits than all of my videos combined.  But I like to think that I earned every view honestly with the sweat of my brow and the strength of my ideas.  And that my viewers appreciated that effort.
The good news is that most of my stuff, (Including the entire run of “News”.)  was cross posted at my page at Funny or Die.  It’s been dormant since I closed up the web show that can be fixed.  And I saved all the videos that doesn’t fit the FoD format and I can repost them to my new Vimeo account.  So at least the work survives.

When I deleted the account, the YouTube page asked me my reason for deleting the account.  I wrote the following…

I am deleting this account to protest Google and Verizon’s attempt to kill Net Neutrality.  I hope they fail and I hope they’re cast into history’s dust bin.

My one disappointment in this is that my last video (A copy of which can be found here.) only got 28 views.  I was half hoping the damn thing would go viral and people would start canceling their accounts left and right.
Lesson learned: I am not Spartacus.
But I do not regret the effort.
Net Neutrality is the 1st Amendment of this next decade and unless we want a corporation like Google controlling access to how we surf on the internet, we need to deal with this now!

I did my bit.  What about you.


About theragingcelt

Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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