"Sucker punch"-ed

Sweet God, I have no clue what to make of this!

You’ve got Nazis, Samurais, dragons!  And at the center, you’ve got about five or six lucious young lovelies all dressed in various types of hot clothing.  It’s like an acid trip you can whack off to.
Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing, mind you.
For the record, I dig Zack Snyder as a filmmaker, having enjoyed both “300” (Despite the Right Wing’s attempt to paint it as an analogy to the modern “War on Terror”, for which Snyder is blameless.) and “Watchmen”. (Despite that I think he fumbled the ending a little.)  And odds are good that I’ll be at this thing opening weekend.
But Ye Gods, it does feel like he’s shoved every Geek fetish item into the trailer.  With the possible exception of zombies and believe me, if they were to pop up in the final product, I would not be surprised.
For now, color me curious.
(FYI: when I say Nazis are a Geek fetish item, they are defined as “Guys Indiana Jones likes to beat the shit out of”.  Thought I should clarify that.)


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