Why posting has been sparse?

Today in Ashland, it was 95 degrees.
In fact, that’s been the average temperature for the last…oh, just off the top of my head…THREE GODDAMN WEEKS!!!
The only thing standing between me and madness is a fan in my window, a fan over my stove and the fan in my bathroom.  A situation that caused me no end of discomfort and the creation of a new Twitter hashtag. #globalwarmingisrealyoufucks
Needless to say, I need to work though this shit.
Other shit I need to work through is the feeling of helplessness that’s been dogging me all summer because of the coming midterms.  Because as occasionally feckless as the Dems have been, they have (With notable exceptions here and there.) been trying to fix shit.
And I do find myself agreeing with Al Franken who gave a barn burner of a speech at Netroots Nation this past weekend.

Now I was raised to believe that you need to vote for the best candidate regardless of party.  But with the Republicans running like crazed lemmings towards the tea party cliff, the Dems are the safest bet.
Except of course, for the ones like Nelson that are not.
But I think I’ve found a way to split the difference.  Let me throw this slogan at you and tell me what you think.

(*Unless your Democrat is a dick.)
I’m considering T-shirts.  What do you guys think?

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