A personal update…

Here’s what’s going on in my personal space.

-It looks like one of my short comedy pieces is going to be part of an evening of One-Acts over at Camelot Theater in Talent.  I don’t have any dates yet and I don’t know what piece Michael will do.  (It’ll depend on how the casting shakes out.) But when I know, I’ll pass it along.  This is great news on a number of levels.  First off, it’s always nice when I get to hear other actors say words that I’ve written in front of an audience. (It’s a pleasant change from me doing all the voices alone in my apartment.)  Also, since this will kind of get me back into the loop  that I’ve been out of for a while, I might be able to recruit actors for for future shorts. 

-Also, it looks like I’ll be updating my editing equipment.  In a couple of weeks, I’m getting one of the new iMac Minis for the apartment.  It’ll have the latest version of iMovie and a nice chunky 500 GB hard drive. Which means I can now edit in full HD.  Taking advantage in the recent upgrades made by YouTube.

-Also…And I’m still kind of debating this one…I’m thinking of starting up the Web Show again.  As some of you may remember, I stopped doing the show early in 2009 because I got dinged by Fox News for copyright infringement.  I won on appeal, (Fair Use, Bitches!) but it left me gun-shy about continuing.  I need to do some research but if I can, I may restart the show late July, early August.  If anyone has any advice for me on the matter of copyright, please leave them in the comments.

Oh.  And here’s some video of the last time one of my pieces was done at a reading.

More later.

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