-The last four days have been a technological pain in the ass.  I sent the MacBook back to Apple because the Optical Disc Drive has been out of whack.  (I have four video projects that I need to burn to DVD before I can get them off the Hard Drive.  And I need them off the hard drive so I’ll have room for the shorts I hope to shoot sometime this month.)
Anyway, I get the box from Apple, I pack the MacBook in and send it off with the FedEx Guy who bought the box. The morning Apple gets it, they “repair” it and send it back same day in what I think is an awesome turnaround time.  Except…and this is why I put “repair” in quotes…the COCKADOODY DRIVE STILL DIDN’T WORK!!!
Needless to say, the call to Apple support was as sudden and inevitable as your betrayal.
The upshot is that the MacBook is going back to Apple on Thursday.  And if it doesn’t get fixed, There will be blood.  Deep red, metaphorical blood. (Update, talked to a tech support guy this morning.  He was very helpful and assured me that he would personally make sure the drive was replaced.  Color me hopeful.)

-The bad news of the night is that Bill Halter lost to Blanche Lincoln in the Arkansas Democratic Primary runoff 48-52.  A not at all disgraceful showing.
And between this and the Sestak Primary a few weeks back, a message has been sent to the Establishment Democrats.  DON’T FUCK WITH YOUR BASE!!!

Unfortunately, someone at the White House didn’t get the message.

At Wednesday’s daily briefing, Gibbs was asked about the provocative statement an unnamed senior administration official made following Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s victory, in which the official accused unions of flushing $10 million “down the toilet” by supporting Lincoln’s challenger, Bill Halter.
“I don’t think that the President would necessarily agree with that characterization made by somebody here,” Gibbs remarked. “I think we would certainly agree that we are likely to have very close elections in many, many places throughout the country in November. And while the President may not have agreed with the exact characterization, I think that whether or not that money might have been better spent in the fall on closer elections between people who cared about an agenda that benefited working families and those that didn’t, that money might come in more handy then.”
“I think that everybody that supported one of the Democrats will have an obligation to now — as the President would and has in races that the nominee that he has supported hasn’t one — now support the Democratic nominee,” Gibbs added.

Of course, the really smart move would be if Obama bought out the unnamed official, berate him in front of the press pool, and then invite pre screened union members to pelt said official with rotten tomatoes.   However, I am rapidly losing faith that this administration even knows what the smart thing is when it comes to it’s base.

-And Nevada, you now have the choice between Harry Reid and a candidate who wants to abolish Social Security and bring back prohibition.  Seriously, Sophie had a better choice.

-Finally caught up with David Tennant’s swan song as The Doctor, “The End of Time”.  Insanely melodramatic, some the plotting was crazy dogey and I broke into tears at least eight times during it.

Seriously, Russell T. Davies has a gift for bypassing my higher brain functions and squeezing the part of me where joy and terror lies.  And David Tennant’s Doctor has a mixture of goofy and righteousness that we mere mortals can only hope to emulate.
Seriously, Steven Moffett  and Matt Smith have big shoes to fill and I can’t wait until those blu-rays drop.

More later.


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