Vlog #9: Bats#%t Crazy Chinese Cinema and Karoke Cop Out

The title really does say it all but I do have a couple of notes.

-This was shot on the last night of my Seattle Trip last year.  But I only got around to cutting the footage this last week.  What can I say, I’m a fracking slacker.  But I needed to get it done so I can get all the Seattle vids off the Hard Drive to make room for the shorts that I can hopefully start on in the next couple of weeks.

-The film shown at the Northwest Film Forum is this! And it really is the damnest thing you’ve ever seen.  Nazis, Amazons, Ghosts and an embryonic Jackie Chan.  It’s a terrible movie but it’s an energetic, childlike terrible.  It’s the perfect movie to see with a bunch of sugar rushed movie geeks.  Which is the just the audience we had that night.

-My apologies to the Karoke place for forgetting your name and damn me for not getting an establishing shot of the outside.

-And yeah, I pussied out on the song.  I fucked up the opening and I couldn’t get back into the rhythm of it.  But hey, I did stand up a few days earlier and crushed that.  So in the land of doing crazy stuff in public, I’m batting five hundred.

-But anyway, that was Seattle 2009.  Here’s to Seattle 2010…I hope.


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