Teabagger. Meet hot water.

Rand Paul’s appearance on Maddow Thursday was a textbook example of that rare moment when a politician makes the effort to answer a question with total honesty and still fucks himself with the zeal of a man who throws himself ass first into a pit of dildos.
For the record, I am prepared to take Dr. Paul at his word when he says that he is not a racist.  However, his belief in private businesses having the right to deny services to people based on their race or creed does does set him up as a possible enabler.
And seriously, you’re going to make the argument that there’s no difference between a restaurant barring open carried guns and and barring African Americans.  Then may I suggest that you are unable to tell the difference between apples and oranges and should therefore abstain from baking pies.
Enjoy your fifteen minutes, Dr Paul.  Because when they’re over, Jack Conway is going to be the next Junior Senator from Kentucky.

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