Yeah, but the joke will be on them when "Jonah Hex" blows up BIG!

Looks like someone’s not getting her leg humped by a horny robot again!

How the mighty have fallen. Once heralded as the Cindy Crawford pin up queen of a generation, Megan Fox has had a rough 12 months.  After the mammoth success of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” she was unable to open the Diablo Cody scripted horror comedy “Jennifer’s Body.”  Now, HitFix has confirmed that Megan Fox will not return to the “Transformers” franchise for the third installment. 
It’s unclear what ultimately drove Bay to this decision, but the controversy of her comparing working with him to “Hitler” certainly had to factor in.  Bay had seemingly tried to put out the flames by posting a “welcome back” message to the actress when he confirmed the picture in October, but Fox’s recent interview with Allure magazine where she insisted she wouldn’t overly tan her body for the role (as the director had requested) may have been the last straw.

Speaking as a pale ass Irishman, I can understand her reluctance.  Tanning has been known to cause long term damage to the skin and Fox is just protecting herself.  So she gets the point on this one.
The bad news for every hot young actress in Hollywood is that Michael Bay will have to cast a new female lead and we all know what that means…

“That’s it, now get the windshields nice and soapy.  Careful, don’t bend the wipers.”

“Look, I feel ridiculous.  Why don’t we skip this and I just give you a blowjob already?”



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