In Arizona, Brown is the new Black.

(H/T to Larry Wilmore for the title.)

Post racial America, my Aunt Fatty.

Gov. Janice Brewer (R-AZ) this afternoon signed the controversial immigration bill passed by the state legislature.
“For weeks this legislation has been subject of vigorous debate and intense criticism, and my decision to sign was by no means made lightly,” she said after signing.


The legislation requires law enforcement to demand immigration papers from anyone who they have a “reasonable suspicion” is in the country illegally.
In addition, she signed an executive order ordering a state police board to outline the necessary training for police officers under the new law.
She said she will not tolerate racial discrimination or profiling. Brewer also said she had worked with legislators to make sure the bill protects civil rights.
“We must enforce the law evenly and without regard to skin color, accent or social status,” she said, adding that the bill’s opponents are “over-reacting.”

Call me crazy but considering that the reason for this bill are increased activity by Mexican Drug Cartels, I’m going to guess that your average Norwegian Bachelor Farmer is not going to be horribly inconvenienced by this.
Seriously, how the hell do you call “reasonable suspicion” that someone isn’t from this country not based on skin color and accent?  Take a moment and really think about that.
Okay, moment over.  If you came up with something besides “Not a Goddamn Thing”…well, you’re a smarter man than I, sparky.
And speaking as someone who has a half Hispanic niece, you can rest assured that I am taking this one. Very!  Fucking!  Personally!
Nice work, Arizona GOP.  You just reminded everyone else why we elected…that one.


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