Drill, Baby, Drill…right into my skull.

Oh, COME ON!!!!

Washington/AP) Reversing a ban on oil drilling off most U.S. shores, President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced an expansive new policy that could put oil and natural gas platforms in waters along the southern Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and part of Alaska.
Speaking at Andrews air base outside Washington, Obama said, “This is not a decision that I’ve made lightly.” He addressed the expected outcry from disappointed environmentalists by saying he had studied the issue for more than a year and concluded it was the right call given the nation’s voracious thirst for energy and the need to produce jobs and keep American businesses competitive.

Obama made no secret of the fact that one factor in his decision was securing Republican support for a sweeping climate change bill that has languished in Congress. But Obama has long stated his support in favor of the “tough decision” to expand offshore drilling
The plan modifies a ban that for more than 20 years has limited drilling along coastal areas other than the Gulf of Mexico. It allows new oil drilling off Virginia’s shoreline and considers it for a large chunk of the Atlantic seaboard. At the same time, he’s rejecting some new drilling sites that had been planned in Alaska.

At a time when we should be doing everything possible to get our Carbon level lower, this is not going to be any help.  More over, in an attempt to garner Republican votes, he’s going to wind up alienating chunks of his base.
You know, say what you want about the GOP pandering to the Tea Party people.  But at least they seem to be listening to their base.  Obama on the other hand seems to think that he can appear moderate and reasonable brushing us aside.  Even if said brushing aside is potentially wrong headed.
Thankfully, one of my guys, Jeff Merkley is having none of it. 

While I’m glad that the Administration has decided not to open up the Oregon Coast to drilling, I am deeply concerned that opening up the Atlantic to offshore drilling will threaten coastal economies and does not represent a long-term solution to transform our energy economy.
It also doesn’t deal with the thousands of leases that oil companies already have, but aren’t drilling on. A “use it or lose it” policy should be the starting point for looking at increased domestic production.

White House Comment Line is 202-456-1111 if you feel like respectfully venting.  Calls to your Congress Critters would also not be out of line.


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