*A massively flawed bill that doesn’t eliminate pre-existing conditions for four years and demands that you buy insurance or pay a fine.

     Yeah, the fucker’s flawed.  But it’s a start.  And considering that the Dems were on the verge of turning into a giant semi-sentient vagina after Scott Brown took Teddy’s seat, the fact that we passed something, anything, is impressive.
What was not impressive was the hours of debate the preceded the first vote. Here are some samples from my twitter feed during it.

The question is do I watch the live CSPAN feed or drive a spike through my nutsack? #decisionsdecisions #hcr

Oh God, Dennis Prager is being quoted. #wheresmyeardurmpokingsticks

Is it me or are both sides just repeating the same talking points over and over. It’s not a debate, it’s a Mobius strip! #HCR

 Oh, Christ! Stupak is speaking. If I had a Uterus, it would be clenching up. #hcr

Watching this debate makes me want to channel George C. Scott in “Hardcore”. #TURNITOFFTURNITOFF #FB

Socialism: That word doesn’t mean what you think it means. #HCR

Kudos to my fellow tweeters who seemed to relish the clank and shudder of the event.  Me?  I was waiting for Karl Marx to return in Golum form to crush the head of every over caffeinated GOP wanker who kept calling the bill “A Socialist take over”.  The best we got was Bernie Sanders was rolling his eyes.  The plus side is now he can pull a boxcar with his optic nerves.
But for sheer unadulterated fear mongering, the tony goes to John Boehner.

Not since John Turturro begged Gabriel Byrne to look into his heart in “Miller’s Crossing” has there been such a show of utter desperation.  Liza Minnelli doing “Epiphany” from “Sweeney Todd” while whacked out on Meth could not top Boehner’s performance.
And it was emblematic of the GOP’s approach to this whole process.  Bad reasoning delivered in shrill and panicky tones.
They could have regained so much lost goodwill with the American public simply by behaving like grown ups and dealing with the Dems in good faith.  Hell, they may have even been able to make the bill better. (A man can dream.) But instead, they yelled “Socialist” and refused to give up one vote.  And in the end, our side passed the fucker.
Yeah, it’s far from perfect.  And Heaven knows that our base is far from thrilled with the final product.  And we’re going to be spending years tweaking the damn thing.  But Goddamn it, at least we did something!!!
And in the words of John D. McDonald, “In a half assed world, the real achiever is king”.
We did it.  In spite of everything, we did it.
In his mission statement for the National Review, (And H/T to James Wolcott for unearthing it.) William Buckley wrote…

It stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.

And in that sentence, laid the seed of the demise of Conservatism.
Because history doesn’t stop.  Good or bad, in terror or triumph, it doesn’t stop.  It just keeps booking.
And you only have two choices. You can grab it by the tail and hang on for dear life.  Or you can grab it by the neck and try to steer the son of a bitch.
And right now, the GOP has the tail.  And hoping against hope that that’s not Cactus up ahead.


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