NEW "TRON" TRAILER and a brief personal update.

In answer to why I haven’t updated in a week, I have two answers.
One: the short is kind of kicking my ass.
Two: Politics can suck it for right now.
Seriously, I’m just not in the fucking mood and there are plenty of other bloggers willing and able to take up that slack.  See the side of my blog.  Follow those links.  They will have what you need.  Right now, I’m out of rotation.
However, I would be forced to turn in my geek card if I did not bring up this insanely awesome bit of geek candy.

My thoughts in no particular order.

-Kudos to the design team for managing to update the look of the world from the sixteen bit style of 1982 to the hi-res Playstation 3 glow of today.  My only concern is that save the odd splash of Orange, the whole thing looks awfully monochromatic.  Not a major worry.  I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason.  Just curious considering the bright color scheme was one of the things I loved about the original.

-Seriously, who hit Bruce Boxleitner with a gravitas stick?  He seems to be channeling that old school grown up vibe Bruce Greenwood had down pat in “Star Trek”.  Hopefully, he’ll get some more work from this. (Ahem, Warner Bros.  As long as everyone is in a geek pleasing mood.  Seriously, would it kill you to make a “Babylon 5” movie?  Daddy wants to see the Telepath War bought to life before he dies.)

-Olivia Wilde.  Yes Santa, that’s what I want for Christmas.  Please, I’ve been a good boy, honest!

-Possible double feature.  This and the Coen Bros remake of “True Grit”, also with Jeff Bridges.  Gentlemen, start your YouTube mash ups, now!

-That’s all for now.  End of line.

UPDATE 8-5-10. The HitFix Embed didn’t survive the import to WordPress.  Here’s the link to the Hi-Res version at Apple


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