-Hey, Virgina Dems who didn’t come out to vote for Craig Deeds?  How’d that plan of staying home and not voting work out for you?

McDonnell (R) on Feb. 5 signed an executive order that prohibits discrimination “on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, political affiliation, or against otherwise qualified persons with disabilities,” as well as veterans.
It rescinds the order that Gov. Tim Kaine signed Jan. 14, 2006 as one of his first actions. After promising a “fair and inclusive” administration in his inaugural address, Kaine (D) added veterans to the non-discrimination policy – and sexual orientation.

In short, for the gay and lesbian population, the state motto “Virginia is for Lovers” is now bitterly ironic.

-Meanwhile, Rep. Steve King has, if the report is true, decided that non Muslim terrorism is just okay-dokey!

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told a crowd at CPAC on Saturday that he could “empathize” with the suicide bomber who last week attacked an IRS office in Austin, and encouraged his listeners to “implode” other IRS offices, according to a witness.
King’s comments weren’t recorded, but a staffer for Media Matters, who heard the comments, provided TPMmuckraker with an account.
The staffer, who requested anonymity because she’s not a communications specialist, said that King, an extreme right-winger with a reputation for eyebrow-raising rhetoric, appeared as a surprise guest speaker on an immigration panel at the conservative conference. During his closing remarks, King veered into a complaint about high taxes, and said he could “empathize” with the man who flew a plane into an IRS building last week.

So let’s review.  The right wing lost their collective shit during the 2008 election when they found out that Obama had once served on a philanthropic board with an ex member of The Weathermen.  But now, when a sitting Representative says he emphasizes with some guy who files a Goddamn plane into a building (And gee, doesn’t that sound familiar.) and I have yet to hear anyone from his side of the fence let out even a perfunctory “Uh, dude?  That’s kind of messed up”.
Just as a fair warning to anyone who knows me.  At this point, if you say to me “There is no difference between the two parties”, my brain will interpret it as “Please punch me in the neck several times.  It makes me happy in my pants”.

-Congrats to Grand Funkmaster Scorsese for having the biggest damn opening of his career this weekend with “Shutter Island”!  If my admittedly short post from Friday didn’t make it clear, I dug the living hell out of it.  But I am willing to concede that you have to be film drunk to experience it at full strength. (And this is from the guy who caught the allusion to “The Red Shoes” in the trailer.)  Unless you get on the film’s wavelength, it’s going to seem florid and melodramatic.  Just accept going in that it doesn’t have a naturalistic bone in it’s body and you’ll be fine.
And seriously, those of you who are calling it an empty exercise in style, I have only one thing to say.
That last line.  That last fucking line!
If it did not reach you, you were not paying attention.

-Speaking of “The Red Shoes”, did you guys know that it’s available for streaming on Netflix?
You didn’t?  Well, now you do so there’s no excuse!
The good news is that the source print is the new restoration that played at Cannes last year.  The bad news is that it’s only available in SD.  So if you want it in 1080, you still have to wait for Criterion to release the Blu-Ray edition that’s supposed to come out this year.  But if you’re not persnickety about line resolution count, you’re in for a treat!
It’s a paean to artistic purity wrapped in three strip technicolor guaranteed to fry your eyeballs.  Fair warning though.  If you have any daughters under twelve, don’t let them see it unless you are prepared to pay though the nose for ballet lessons for the next ten years.
Oh.  And after your done with “The Red Shoes”,  click on Michael Powell’s name on Netflix and find all of his other films that they have for streaming.
You’re welcome. 

More later.


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