An open letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

First off: Hope you don’t mind me calling you M.A. for short.  It’s a spelling issue and not meant to be disrespectful.
However, everything that follows will be.
I guess it’s safe to say that you had a good day Wednesday.  You gave your little speech.  You managed to spook the Neo-cons and the Revolutionary Guard managed to keep the flash mobs small enough to make it seem like seem like 75% of the population doesn’t want to wring your neck.
But you know what?  It’s not going to last.
Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos thought the ride would last forever but they wound up exiled and under indictment.  Francisco Franco ruled Spain with an iron fist but now he’s remembered, if at all, as an old “Saturday Night Live” joke.
And Hitler?  This guy had all of Europe under his thumb and how’d he end up?
Self inflicted bullet in the head.  And now a scene from a film of his last days has been remixed to to bitch about everything from being banned from xBox Live to the live action “Dragonball” movie!
You see where, I’m going with this A.M.?  This will not last!
You think you can keep your people under your thumb forever?  There will come a time when their anger outweighs their fear and when that day comes, nothing will save you.
And you really think screaming “Death to America” is going to put that day off?  Sure, back when we had the idiot pinhead in charge, you might have been able to make that play.  But with Obama in charge, not anymore.  He’s smart enough to realize that all bombing you would do is rally support to your floundering government.
Your people are down now but one day, they will rise up.  You only have two choices bow out gracefully or hang on by your fingertips.
If you do the former, you will save many lives.  If you do the latter, you may not be able to save your own


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