Hey, My old "Grindhouse" review! (From the MySpace Blog.)

As long as I’m in a reposting mood, here’s my review of “Grindhouse

Dug the hell out of it.  Here’s the blow by blow.

     TRAILER: “Machette” Written and Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

     If there was a genre name for this fake film, it would be tex-mexploiation.  The idea of getting a hired killer from the front of a Home Depot sounds like the basis of a bad Carlos Menica sketch.  (Which is to say a typical Carlos Menica sketch.) But Rogriguez turns it into a kick ass trailer for what could be a kick ass  action flick.  Anytime Danny Trejo gets to strap a gatling gun on to a motorcycle is a cause for celebration among the populace.
     FEATURE ONE: “Terror Planet” Written and Directed by Rodriguez.

Not my favorite of the two but still good fun.  The plot of this eighties style zombie glop fest(With a tip of the hat to George Romero’s “The Crazies”.)  barely makes a lick of sense but Rodriguez and his cast attack it with such energy, you don’t seem to care.  And anytime you get to see Rose McGowan dressed in a mini-skirt and halter top is a cause for celebration among the populace.  And there is one major gross out moment involving Quentin Tarantino that’s either a gold plated classic or an affront to all that polite society holds dear.  Your mileage may vary.
     TRAILER TWO: “Werewolf Women of the SS” Written and Directed by Rob Zombie.

     Zombie’s tribute to the “Ilsa” films of the seventies.  With one over the top cameo that makes it all worth it.

     TRAILER THREE: “Don’t” Directed by Edgar Wright.

     The best trailer of the bunch.  Wright’s pusdo Hammer Horror fest hits all the right notes and gets every detail right.  Down to the hair styles of the ingenue’s to the painted graphic.  Anybody who digs British horror will dig the hell out of this.
     TRAILER FOUR: “Thanksgiving” Written and Directed by Eli Roth.

Roth’s take on holiday themed slasher flicks may be dead on.  I wouldn’t know.  I had my head turned a good chunk of the time.  Yes, I am a pussy.  Let’s move on, shall we.
     FEATURE TWO: “Death Proof” Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino.

     I will go out on a big limb here and say that this may be the best thing Tarantino has ever done.  He manages to mash up his newly formed action director chops from the “Kill Bill” movies and his long winded character writing from…well, everything else he’s ever done.  Kurt Russell does career best work as “Stuntman Mike”, a man who’s part psycho, part macho guy and part dickless wonder (And yes, all the parts fit.) who murders women with his car.  The script has Quentin at his most talky with the characters slowly revealing themselves though pop culture laden dialogue.  (And what most Quentin wanna-be’s forget is it’s not how many references you can cram into the dialogue, it’s why the character chooses that particular reference.)  And while all the women in this film are terrific, special props must be given to Zoe Bell (Credited as herself in the credits.) who manages to be both charming and truthful in her acting but who also manages some amazing stunt work in the flick.  (It should be noted that she was Uma Thurman’s stunt double on the “Kill Bill” movies.)  And there is one shot of her splayed on a moving 1970 Chevy Charger that demonstrates the nexus between cars and sexuality better than all of David Cronnenberg’s “Crash”.
     And GODDAMN, THOSE CHASES AT THE END!!!  Without a lick of CGI, Quentin manages to deliver the thrills like nobody’s business!
     All in all, a fun night at the movies.  Joe Bob Jensen says check it out!


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