"And the first step is admitting that she didn’t know why North and South Korea were divided…"

Seriously, I know that smiling has never come that natural to John McCain but even by his standards, that was just painful!  No human can smile like that.  It had to be an animatronic version created by Rick Baker that McCain uses for interviews.
And let’s be blunt about this, I don’t believe for a minute that he wasn’t aware of the lack of vetting.  The man was trying to lead the conversation down another road and “I wouldn’t know” just happened to be the off ramp.  While my opinion of McCain has diminished greatly in the last few years, I refused to believe that he’d be that damn stupid.
McCain knows full well that when he picked Palin that he managed the neat trick of screwing the pooch and crapping the bed at the same time. (Which if I’m not mistaken was a scene cut from Pasolini’s “Salo.”) He just can’t bring himself to admit it.
I get it. No one likes to admit when they’ve made a mistake.  Particularly when that mistake puts a narcissistic PTA refugee a heartbeat away from the nuclear football.
Two problems with that.  It’s killing him and it’s potentially killing us.
My God!  Rewatch the damn video. The man is refusing to admit, even to himself, his own role in the death of his political ambitions.  That grin he’s plastered onto his face is the only shield separating us from the raw ball of rage that he’s turned into.  And unless, he owns up to that mistake, he will choke on that rage and we will be living with Sarah Palin for years to come.
Senator McCain, to quote Ronald Reagan, Tear Down That Wall!! 


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