"And while I’m at it, Natalie Portman needs to rethink this Jewish thing and become a nun.."

Yep, we’ve barely got 2010 out of the bubble wrap and Brit Hume at Fox has to start smearing it with the stupid…

(Note to Brit: When William Kristol tries to change the subject, you’ve hit a vein of stupid too rich for even him.)
Okay, just a quick list of Christians who have committed adultery.
Jim Bakker.
Jimmy Swaggart.
Bill O’Reilly. (Okay, attempted adultery.  She said no.)
Bill Clinton. (Hey, got to keep it real.)
Henry VIII (C of E, baby!  C of E!!)
(Those are just the ones that popped into my head.  You guys have any other examples, feel free to add them in the comments.)
Fox News should just drop “Fair and Balanced” and change their slogan to “Fox: The news network that sounds like your grandfather after a bottle of Scotch”.

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