To my liberal brethen on Twitter who are wishing Rush Limbaugh dead right now…

…Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?
Look, I know the man is a fat tub of walking hatred, fueled by rage, ignorance and a concentrated extract taken from the nightmares of orphans who watched their parents die.  That his essential humanity has been so whittled down that it could be safely stored in a thimble.  And that his very existence is a piss stream in the eye to all that is good and decent.
But still…seriously?
Look, I have no problem with a certain amount of Schadenfreude.  And the sweet baby Jesus knows I have no problem with a certain degree of applied therapeutically applied abuse. (Says the man who’s been using the hashtag #cockeatingshitweasel in conjunction with Joe Lieberman on Twitter every given chance.) But damn it, there are limits!

I don’t care what the man has said in the past about Ted Kennedy and Michael J. Fox.  We are suppose to be better people than him.  Wishing him dead drags us to his level and I have no desire to be level with Rush Limbaugh.  I’d wind up with gravy stains on my shirt.  (By the same token, Limbaugh fans who are upset by the rage from my side?  The man has been spewing acid at us for years.  A general rule of the universe is that what you send out is what you get back?  When Mother Teresa died, you hear anyone say “Yeah, that bitch had it coming”?  No?  Exactly.  Case closed!)
There’s also another reason I want Rush to live.
As some of you might know, I’m an Atheist.  That means I don’t believe in an afterlife.  That means, I believe that when you die, that’s it.  No heaven, no hell, no nothin’.  Just total black nonexistance.
And let’s think about this a second, if you had a choice between being Rush Limbaugh and not existing, which way would you swing?
So I say, let Rush continue to live a long life.  A life where every day, he looks in the mirror and the small part of his soul that hasn’t been deadened by pills and rich food can scream out to him…”LIAR!  FRAUD!  SCUMBAG!”.  A life where everyday, the ideas he espouses are dismantled.  A life where he finds himself as relevant as a back issue of “The Saturday Evening Post”.  A life that will end with somebody saying “Rush Who”?
When you have a life like Rush’s, is death even necessary? 


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