Lieberman is winning…Now what?

Watching my guy Wyden on Maddow tonight was just downright unpleasant.  He was trying to be as upbeat as possible but in the end, you could practically taste the flopsweat.
There’s no other way to put this.  Joe Lieberman has fucked us into a cocked hat.  And if the final bill (Amusing there is a final bill.) has any good in it, it will be by accident. 
To make matters worse, it’s begining to look like the White House may be indulging Lieberman. (H/T to Marcy Wheeler AKA Emptywheel at

This morning, the Politico made news by reporting that someone at the White House had ordered Harry Reid to cut a deal with Joe Lieberman on health care.
The White House denied the report.


But since, then, two more reoprters have confirmed Politico’s account: TNR’s Jonathan Cohn and HuffPo’s Ryan Grim. In fact both Cohn and Grim pass on the ID of this anonymous White House figure: Rahm Emanuel. (Yeah, I know, gambling in the casino, even.)

So essentially, Reid is rolling over and Rahm is laying out a nice comfy mat for him.  (When you hit your seventies, the bones start to get brittle.) 
So the question that we need to ask ourselves is “What do we do now?”
Short term, we call our congresspeople and tell them to start leaning on Reid to stop compromising and start pushing back on Lieberman.  Meaning, if he votes for a filibuster,, strip him of his committee chairmanships.  Also, it wouldn’t be out of line to call the White House tomorrow and let them know that maybe…just maybe…Rahm needs to shut his fracking piehole.
Needless to say, the phrase “Fracking piehole” should not be used.  Consider it subtext.
Long term…I’ll have that for you later.

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