"On the plus side, if you don’t go outside, the angry robots can’t rip you in half."

For those looking for comments on recent political events, shine on.  I’m currently having an attack of “Fuck all those miserable cocksuckers” and am in no mood to deal with any of it right now.  This will be a geek post.  I’ll get back to bitching about the assholes when I’m good and ready.
I’m serious.  You do not want to push me on this.  I am a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm right now.

For those who have not yet heard the news, it’s true.  Netflix now has instant streaming for the PS3!  Yes, no longer will we have to deal with looks of pity from Xbox owners.
I’ve had it for a week now and I can tell you, I’m pretty damned impressed.
The interface is a dream to use.  You can’t search for titles but the Netflix algorithm is so good that the films in the other categories are ones you might actually want to see.  And why not all the titles are in HD yet, A good number are.  Be warned though, The video quality on the non HD titles tend to vary. When I tried to play the original “Ghost in the Shell”, The transfer seemed washed out and murky.  And the ones labeled “Starz Play” tend to be pan and scan and should be avoided for the time being.
Also, not ofter but occasionally, titles labeled HD will start playing in SD and you have to restart it to get the picture quality up.  (This may be a bandwidth issue though.  Your mileage may vary.)
The other down side to this though is that I know have 128 titles in my instant queue to supplement the 466 I have in the regular one.
I will never see the bottom of them.
These queues will outlive me!!

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