My Guys on Stupak-Pitts.

Okay, I called the Medford offices of my Senate guys.

I spoke to a staffer named Amy.   She told me that he does not support the language in the Stupak-Pitts Amendment and will do everything possible to keep the Senate bill.  However, she did say that she was unsure if he would vote against the bill if it did get put in.  And that he might vote yes just to keep it moving. (Before everyone loses their shit.  She was speaking in hypotheticals and with limited information.  She’s in the Medford office and may not be privy to the latest information.) Right now, We can put Merkey on our side on this.

Now the staffer in Wyden’s office was less forthcoming.  No specifics except that he backs the Hyde Amendment but sees no reason to go beyond that.  Can’t comment on Senate version because there isn’t one yet.  But he does support a woman’s right to choose.  Again, I’m putting him on our side of the column.

More later,

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