Well, I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning calling everyone on yesterday’s list to get Kucinich’s Single Payer amendment back in the House Bill. And I made sure to call the Washington offices just so they could be counted quicker.  Of the five, three of the assistants were responsive, (Pelosi, Hoyer and Waxman.) one was curt, (Miller.) and Charlie Rangel’s was downright dismissive.  I had barely mentioned that I was calling about the House Health Care bill when she said, “Okay, thank you” before I could bring up the Amendment.  I’d like to think it was because they had already gotten a number of calls that morning.
As of this writing, I haven’t heard one way or another if it’s back in the bill.  So there might be time to for additional pushing.  So if you haven’t called yet, it would behoove you to get off your duff and call!
We got one shot at this folks!  Let’s not slack off.

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