The Public Option(ish.) gets more ish!

So let me get this straight.  The Public Option (Not the Medicare+5 version.  The weaker one that made it into the final House bill.) that we’ve been fighting for these past several ones, the one who’s removal has demanded by Joseph “Cock Eating Shit Weasel” Lieberman, that Public option will wind up having higher premiums than it’s privately owned counterparts?
This is one of those moments I wish a I had access to ancient alien technology so I could build my own private Stargate.

Per the CBO:

That estimate of enrollment reflects CBO’s assessment that a public plan paying negotiated rates would attract a broad network of providers but would typically have premiums that are somewhat higher than the average premiums for the private plans in the exchanges. The rates the public plan pays to providers would, on average, probably be comparable to the rates paid by private insurers participating in the exchanges. The public plan would have lower administrative costs than those private plans but would probably engage in less management of utilization by its enrollees and attract a less healthy pool of enrollees. (The effects of that “adverse selection” on the public plan’s premiums would be only partially offset by the “risk adjustment” procedures that would apply to all plans operating in the exchanges.) 


So, Thanks to the Blue Dogs, we’re stuck with a public option that’s not all that great an option.  Which leaves us with two options…
1.  Junk the whole damn thing and start from scratch (And by scratch, I mean single payer.) or…
2.  Shoulder on and hope we can strengthen the P.O. as we go.
Neither prospect seems likely although we have one shot at one major improvement.
(H/T Susie Madrak over at Crooks and Liars. 

As reported earlier, House leaders have stripped the Kucinich amendment from the House health care reform bill. This amendment would help nullify legal challenges against efforts by individual states to enact their own single-payer systems.
[…] According to Tim Carpenter of Progressive Democrats of America, one avenue of appeal remains regarding these efforts:
Democratic House leaders can insert what is called a “Manager’s Amendment” into legislation, even when it is closed to any other amendments. The managers are the majority and minority members who “manage” debate for the bill on each side.
Today, tomorrow, and beyond, we need to call these “managers” and insist that the Kucinich Amendment is restored into the healthcare bill.
The “gang” that holds our future in their hands includes:
* Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-4965; San Francisco office (415) 556-4862
* Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-4131; Greenbelt office (301) 474-0119…; Waldorf office (301) 843-1577.
* Rep. Henry Waxman: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-3976; Los Angeles office (323) 651-1040
*Rep. Charles Rangel: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-4365; New York office (212) 663-3900
* Rep. George Miller: Washington, DC, office (202) 225-2095; Concord office (925) 602-1880; Richmond office (510) 262-6500; Vallejo office (707) 645-1888

Yes.  I know.  More calls.  More hoops to jump through.  Call now, bitch later.


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