"Once she drops the restraining order, the make-up sex is gonna be awesome!!"

So, Republicans…how’s that obstructing Obama’s domestic policy working out for you?

During an appearance on Fox News, Senator Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) had this to say about his former party.

“On the Republican side, it is no, no, no. A party of obstructionism… you have responsible Republicans who have been to the Senate like Howard Baker, Bob Dole and Bill Frist, who say Republicans ought to cooperate. Well, they’re not cooperating.”

So far, the Republicans’ stance isn’t helping shift voting allegiances. A Washington Post-ABC poll released late Monday found that 20% of the American people identified themselves as Republicans, the lowest single number in the history of the 26-year-old survey. (33% called themselves Democrats while 42% of respondents said they were independents.)

Seriously?  Is anyone even surprised by this?
After eight years of professional level bed-shitting, coupled with Fox News’ continued decent into a level of conspiracy mongering that would make Alex Jones blanch, the Republican party has managed to alienate every moderate in it’s party and reduce itself into a chicken broth of crazy and mean.  And I think we know where this strategy came from…

Now whether this stupidity originated with Rush or he just picked up on the tenor of the party and ran with it is a moot point.  What matters is that the GOP is trying to sink Obama in the hopes that everyone comes running back to them. 
Let me explain how that logic is fucked.
Imagine for a moment that you’ve just gotten out of a relationship with a compete douchebag/psycho bitch who treated you like crap, wrecked your car, fought with your friends, maxed out your credit cards, etc.  You then meet this studmuffin/total babe who’s terrific.  Smart, funny, insane in the sack. Just a terrific person.
So, you move in together.  And you begin to notice…certain idiosyncratic things about them.  The way he/she slurps when he/she eats soup.  His/hers habit of leaving his/hers socks/pantyhose on the bathroom floor.  And don’t even get started on his/hers pitbull/yippie little chihuahua who uses your slippers as an after dinner mint.  And so now you’re in the process of reevaluating the entire relationship.
But here’s the thing.  Just because you may leave the new person doesn’t mean you’re going back to Mr/Ms Crazy McCreditRuin.
By that same token, if Obama isn’t able to dig us out of the hole that we’re in right now, that doesn’t mean we’re going to start handing out shovels to the idiots who dug the hole in the first place.   Just something to keep in mind as we enter the mid-terms.


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