Hey, Max! You listening?

Hey Baucus.  You feel like that ad is too harsh towards you?  Well, tough titty said the kitty!

The entire morning of the Senate Finance Committee mark up was dominated with heated debate about Rockefeller’s robust public option amendment. Most Democrats agreed with Rockefeller, saying such a plan would be needed to increase choice, improve competition, and keep private insurance companies honest. Republicans claimed it would the start of a “slow walk” to government-run, single-payer health insurance.
All ten Republicans on the committee voted against the amendment. Five Democrats (Kent Conrad, Max Baucus, Blanche Lincoln, Bill Nelson, Thomas Carper) also voted against the amendment. Eight Democrats (Jay Rockefeller, Jeff Bingaman, John Kerry, Ron Wyden, Charles Schumer, Debbie Stabenow, Maria Cantwell, Robert Menendez) vote in support of Rockefeller’s amendments.

Schumer’s “Level Playing Field” amendment fared only slightly better.

Directly following the debate over Rockefeller’s robust public option amendment, the Senate Finance Committee next addressed Senator Chuck Schumer’s “level playing field” public option. The debate was much shorter and mainly repeated the same argues for or against Rockefeller’s amendment. Schumer’s public option amendment also failed, but by a smaller margin, 10-13
Again, all ten Republicans on the committee voted against the public option. Only three Democrats (Kent Conrad, Max Baucus, Blanche Lincoln) joined them in opposing Schumer’s public option. Democrats (Jay Rockefeller, Jeff Bingaman, John Kerry, Ron Wyden, Charles Schumer, Debbie Stabenow, Maria Cantwell, Robert Menendez, Bill Nelson, Thomas Carper) cast votes in support of the amendment.
Bingaman and Baucus both stated that Schumer’s public option would be their preferred way to design a public option. Bingaman did vote for both public option amendments and Baucus voted against both. Baucus claimed that he supports the idea of a public option, and thinks that it would serve an important function in keeping health insurance companies honest. Baucus refused to vote for either amendment, however, because he claimed it would prevent his health care bill from garnering 60 votes in the full Senate. 

Max, for the last time, you don’t need sixty cock-doody votes!  You need sixty to block a filibuster.  You can pass the bill with fifty-one!  The pubic option is doable.  You just don’t seem to have any desire to do it.
Which of course, is bad news not only for you but the American Public.

You get it, Baucus?  YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!
First, you create a bill that will pretty much put a bullet into the back of the head of the middle class.  Then you vote against not one but two amendments that would temper the sheer awfulness of what you have wrought.
Let’s get something straight, Baucus.  Most of the American Public wants this option.  Hell, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows support for it is up to 76%!   Now, I’m in the customer service industry.  And as a rule of thumb, if my customers want something, it is my job to provide to provide that good and/or service.  What you did today was acknowledge that while you had something that was needed, you refused to help to provide it to your customers, the American Public.
If I did to my customer what you just did to yours, I’d be out on my ass.  Broke and homeless.  Living out a dumpster in the alley, sucking hobo cock for spare change.
Let me say this one more time, Mr Baucus, just in case none of the proceeding has sunk into that pudding head of your.
Then it will be you behind the dumpster, staring down the one eyed trouser snake of a one Boxcar Lamont.
But hey, you can handle it.  Just pretend he’s an insurance lobbyist.


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