A quick commerical annoucement…

I’ve got some stuff coming down the pipeline but in the meantime…

For those of you who didn’t hear or don’t have him on your Twitter feed, Joel Watson, the creator of the webcomic “Hijinks Ensue” wound up going to the ER because of a suspected brain aneurysm.  It turns out he’s all right but he had to get a CT scan and a lumbar puncture.  And it’s set him back about a grand.  So if you get a chance, drop by his website and check out his store.  You could get a shirt or some comic prints or even a copy of his book “Godspeed, you Fancy Bastard”.  Hell, you know you’re in the market for a “Laura Roslin for President” T-Shirt.  (Hey, if this Health Care thing goes kablooy, we may need them for 2012.)
Come on, Internet.  Let’s help a brother out.


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