Noonan, why must you make me Stanley to your Blanche?

-Peggy Noonan strikes again!!

Typical Noonan.  Obama is finally…finally getting his face out there and making the case for health care reform and she’s sounding like he just belched during “La Traviata”.
(By the way, for those concerned the clip is out of context.  Here’s a link to the whole segment.)
Peggy, for the record, I saw the Stephenopolous interview and while Obama got a bit stroppy with George over him the calling the individual mandate a tax increase.  (And to Obama’s credit, he made the case for the individual mandate that makes me a little less nervous but I still want to see some more numbers.) it fell way short of boorish.
And as usual, she said it in that annoying half-smug-half-wistful-oh-woe-I’m-too-good-for-this-sad-and-bitter-world.  I swear, she’s a mix of right wing loon and dreamy teenager.
To review, explaining how Health Care Reform would work.  Not boorish.
Taking a dump on your oriental rug while feeling up your invalid mother.  Boorish.
Hope that clears things up.

EDIT: 6:44 PM.  Fixed a wonky sentence and added labels.


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