-Currently in the process of nailing down stuff I want to do during my upcoming vacation and I managed to stumble on something that sounds kind of awesome.


Yes, I am aware that just typing the words, let alone providing the link, will lose me a huge chunk of street cred.  But you know what?  Don’t care.
I just remember as a kid going to the California Academy of Sciences with my mom and one of the massively fun things we got to do was a Laserium show. (Which is what they called it in the seventies.)  And I’m sorry but to a twelve year old kid, lights dancing to rock music was the coolest thing ever.  And given how this year has been playing out, the twelve year old in me needs to jump out and get his freak on.  And if that means freaking lasers spinning around to Pink Floyd, well then, so be it.

-Also on the program, My yearly pilgrimages to Scarecrow Video and the Seattle Cinerama Dome.  Not to mention that this is opening on my last day there…

Oh yeah, my inner twelve year old is going to get a workout on this trip.
In the comments, any recommendations for cool, geeky stuff to fill my eyes with while I’m in Seattle would be appreciated.

-With all the health care stuff going on, I forgot to acknowledge the passing of Larry Gelbart.  That gets rectified now.
I not going to write a long obituary.  Ken Levine has already done an excellent job in that regard.  And I think the sheer tonnage of his work more than speaks for itself.  All I can add for myself is this.
For a young man wishing to write comedy, there are few better shows to learn from than “M.A.S.H.” and for a young man wishing to be a decent human being, there are few better role models than Hawkeye Pierce.
Pass over, Mr. Gelbart.  And pass over lightly.  And please pass on our regards to George and Zero.

-Actually, I also feel the urge to pass along a fond memory of Mr. Gelbart in action.  It was an episode of “Politically Incorrect” with Mr. Gelbart, Ben Affleck and this young Christian woman who was on a crusade to shut down strip clubs. (I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten her name but it’s been years since I’ve seen the show and I’m not in the mood to try to hunt down the clip on YouTube.)  Anyway, she’s going on about how these places encourage rape because the young men stumble out of these places “have hormones coming out of their eyes”.
To which Gelbart gently shot back “Sweetheart, that’s not where they come out.”
That, brothers and sisters is an example of what we call “The Quick Draw”.
I can only aspire to that level of speed and accuracy.

-To everyone freaking out over Kayne West’s behavior towards Taylor Swift at the VMA’s the other night, let me just say this.
A) It was the VMA’s.
B) It was Kayne West.  A man who has had his head up his ass so many times, you’d think he’d built a summer home in his colon.
Seriously folks.  Let’s just let this one go.  It’s not like he came to your house and personally interrupted you while you were trying to whack off to Katy Perry.

More later.


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