Calls to Merkley and Wyden. 09/15/09

Okay, here’s my update.
I called Jeff Merkley’s office today.  The woman I talked to (Forgot your name.  Sorry friendy staffer.) said, in a nutshell, that he is working hard to make sure that a public option is still in the bill but that he hadn’t made a decision about voting on a final bill without.  In all fairness, I got the sense that Sen. Merkley had not thought that far ahead and was focusing on getting it in the bill.  So, right now, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Called Ron Wyden’s office. His staffer (Again, sorry I forgot your name, other friendly staffer lady.) said simply that he is “open” to a public option.  But hasn’t committed to one.  I quickly laid out the case for a public option and was told that it would be passed along.  She also asked if I wanted a written response and I said yes.
Feel like poking him a bit.  HERE’S HIS SENATE WEB PAGE!
Also, here is Sen. Merkley WEBPAGE! Give him a call, offer him encouragement.  let him know we have his back!

Bonus Video from The Ed Show from today!


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