Taitz Vs. Shuster. There can be only one…

Working on a longer post about this topic but in the meantime…

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Compare with her relaxed demeanor of Colbert a few days earlier.


Granted David Shuster is far more confrontational than Colbert with his Faux conservative ninja skill set. But clearly, with this new interview, you can tell that Taitz knows that the jig is up. The latest “Evidence” of Obama’s “Kenyan Birth” has been debunked up the ying-yang. And she’s giving off the vibe of a woman who’s telling the police that she hasn’t seen her husband in weeks as they dig up the rose garden in the back yard.
(Quick aside to David Shuster. You better have that thing about the driver nailed down because that’s the sort of detail that the birthers will latch on to to claim bias. Not that they won’t anyway but I’d just prefer not to give them any extra ammo.)
Oh and for the record, Ms. Taitz concerning your comment about Ann Coulter not being a lawyer? SHE IS!!!!!!!!
You see what you made me do? You made me defend Ann Coulter!
Now I have to repost this old short just to feel clean again.


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