Why I haven’t posted for twelve days…

Because I’ve been busy getting this done!

Ah, the fifties. A simpler time when a young man from Memphis could drive both teenie boppers and matrons alike coo-coo crazy with a hip swivel. When teenage couples could share a milk shake without having to wear hazmat suits. And when a woman could say “I’m worried about the beaver” on national television and not face a hefty FCC fine.
And from this time of innocence came “Superman and the Mole-Men”. A TV pilot released into theaters. Starring a one time beau of Scarlett O’Hara’s as The Man of Steel and a group of midgets in black footy pajamas as the Mole-Men. THRILL as the filmmakers attempt to deliver an exciting comic book adventure on a Neo-Realist budget. GASP as the filmmakers try to deliver a heavy handed message about tolerance. RECOIL IN HORROR at whatever it is George Reeves is wearing under his tights. And LAUGH at what your grandparents considered cool as kids.

Yes, I spent a good chunk of the last two weeks watching and re watching “Superman and the Mole-men” and watching it AGAIN while recording the iRiff. By the way, tip for mac users. Before doing one of these things on Garage Band. You may want to sit down and read THE FUCKING INSTRUCTIONS before doing two hour long recording sessions that you will have to toss out because you tried to do it in pieces only to find you can’t get the sync right. And you wind up doing the whole thing in one unbroken chunk leaving so raspy that it would make Tom Waits wince.
I swear, there are days I consider it a miracle that I can feed and clothe myself on a daily basis.
But the good news is that I posted the file last night and should be available for sale at the low price of $1.99 a down load. Here’s a sample of some of my whimsy at work.

If you like what you see here, by all means follow the link and download yourself a copy of this bad boy. You’ll get chuckles a plenty and I’ll get some spending money for my yearly descent into the fleshpots of Seattle this October.

And I promise you, regular blogging will resume, starting this week. Hey, with Mark Sanford turning his political career into a Lifetime movie of the week and Sarah Palin trying to ah shucks her way out of a governor’s job…Geez, I can’t believe I’ve stayed away as long as I have.


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