Now where was I…

Yes, I know that postings have been light this week. Unfortunately, the same week that Ahmadinejad decided to kick it like Ferdinande Marcos is the same week I start working on my first iRiff. So, I’ve spent most of my free time between retweeting Iranian News and pertinent links and writing snarky one liners for “Superman and the Mole-Men”.
It’s a race to see what wears out first. My geek parts or my wonk parts.
On the geek side: My God, I’ve forgotten how bad the George Reeves “Superman” could be. While Christopher Reeve was able to make Clark Kent and Superman separate characters, George Reeves doesn’t even try. And my God, he’s so smug, you’d think it would count as a super power. And don’t even get me started on the Mole-men. (Hint: my first line when they appear is “My God, it’s Calvin Trillin’s Mini-Me”.)
On the wonk side: Seriously! Ahmadinejad, if you’re going to take the trouble to steal the election, for fuck’s sakes, make it plausible!

Claims that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election was rigged have been bolstered by an analysis of the official results by British academics In the conservative provinces of Mazandaran and Yazd, the number of votes cast exceeded the number of eligible voters, the survey by researchers from the University of St Andrews and Chatham House, the London think-tank, found.

• Four more provinces recorded turnouts close to 100 per cent.

• To achieve the official results in 10 of the 30 provinces, the ultra-conservative President must have carried all the new voters who did not cast ballots in 2005, all the votes that went to his centrist rival Ali Akbar Hasemi Rafsanjani and up to 44 per cent of the votes that went to reformist candidates.

• Those provinces include ones dominated by ethnic minorities who seldom if ever vote conservative. “The numbers from Ilam, Lorestan and Hormozgan almost defy belief,” said Thomas Rintoul, one of the researchers.

At least when Bush stole the election in 2000, he knew enough to keep the numbers close. This kind of sloppiness would embarrass a Chicago Alderman.

Oh, and John McCain, here’s another reason you should shut your big bazoo! (H/T to Andrew Sullivan.)

Seriously, John McCain and George Soros on the same side. The cognitive dissonance must be giving Bill O’Reilly a headache.

Anyway, regular posting should resume shortly. Honest, for realises!


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