Why I am still happy that Obama won.

Dear Senator McCain:

One: thank you for your years of service to our country.

Two: Please shut up.

Look, Senator. In case you’ve forgotten, we do not have a lot of moral authority as far as Iran is concerned. Back in 1953, we, the US, through the C.I.A., overthrew the democratically elected government. Which in turn helped lead to the Iranian revolution in 1979.
And it has not helped that for the last few years, we’ve been demonizing the present government because of their nuclear program including saber rattling. (By the way, The GOP owes me for a year’s worth of St. John’s Wort.)
Not to mention this little blast of the past.

Who do think the Iranians are going to listen to in this situation? The president who won by a hefty margin or the guy who didn’t and once tried to use a Beach Boys song as a metaphor for blowing their shit up!
Look, I’m having any number of differences with Obama right now. (DOMA, war crimes prosecutions, etc.) But on this point, he’s doing the exact right thing. If we come out in support of the protesters, Ahmadinejad can turn around and say “Aha, the Americans are trying to destabilize a lawfully elected government. Just like in 1953.” And then proceed to crack down even harder than they have already.
So, for the time being, we need to be hands off. So, Sen. McCain, with all due respect, kindly put a sock in it.


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