"The scary part is some would prefer the fourteen year old boy…"

(Hat tip to Gabe and Tycho over at “Penny Arcade”.)

Get a look at this freaky shit from E3.

EDIT: Embed didn’t survive the Import.  Here’s the Link.

“I have to say if this “Project Natal” pans out and delivers on the promise of this tech demonstration, (Something Tycho is a little wary about.) it could knock the gaming world on it’s ass.

Hell, forget gaming. You know what every sad male geek was thinking in that auditorium. Get rid of the kid, replace him with, let’s say for the sake of argument, Eliza Dushku. And add maybe just one peripheral…
And you will have an application that sad geek boys will use over and over and over…until one day, neighbors complaining from the smell next door will call the police. They will bust in and find a fetid yet smiling corpse and a virtual naked Eliza banging on the screen “Wake up, Richard! WAKE UP!!!“.
But perhaps…I’ve said…too much.
A part of me is already pre-ordering this on Amazon.
For some of us, The Singularity can’t come soon enough.

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