Okay, leaving aside for the moment that the Senate Dems have a point. They need to be bought into the process. (And it sounds like Schiff (D-CA-29th) actually has a decent plan to facilitate the handling of the detainees.) What’s pissing me off here is that Harry Reid, The Senate majority leader, our guy is buying into the bullshit right wing talking point.
“Can’t put em in prison unless you release them.”
That single statement is so gobsmackingly illogical that a simple WTF is insufficient. We need all the letters.
“Can’t put em in prison unless you release them.”
Seriously, is there some provision in Federal Law that states that upon arriving in America, they’re given a butcher’s knife and a ten minute head start? We’re locking them up in prison. And the last time I checked, we’ve gotten pretty God damned good at locking people up. You know, guys like Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson, the shoe bomber! Hell, we even kept Jeffrey Dahmer under wraps. And that motherfucker ate people!
Any damned fool can blow up a building. But to sit down and eat someone? That shit takes discipline. You have to want that!
While I am certain some of the detainees did awful things, I don’t think cannibalism was one of them.
This is just another example of Harry Reid’s weak tea tenure as Senate leader. The good news is that recent poll numbers show that reelection would be difficult at best. I would have no problem with us losing this seat if it meant getting rid of this load.


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