-Spent at least three hours yesterday on a damned snipe hunt. CD or not CD, DJ’s Video, even Blockbuster didn’t have “Benjamin Button” on Blu-Ray. Sure, Safeway has standees filled to the brim with regular movie only DVD’s but not a speck of Blu. A feast for the dilettantes but not a crumb for the hardcore. Thank the GSM for DeepDiscount.com. I should be getting the disc later this week.
But damn, this is one of those moments I wish I was living in Seattle. I could just toddle off to Scarecrow Video, get myself in front of their Criterion section and say “Hello there, Mr Benjamin Button. GET IN MY BELLY!!!”.

-More Specter scuttlebutt from David Waldman at The Kos.

As much as I’d hoped Senate Democrats could use Specter’s defection as leverage on Franken, I guess I can’t complain too much when Republicans refuse the deal and we keep the deposit. If the position I described had anything to do with the negotiations, it seems they went down like this:

Dems: Seat Franken now, or we’ll keep all of Specter’s committee seats, and give ourselves even bigger advantages on those panels.

Republicans: OK, fine. Keep the seats.

Dems: Well, OK then.

So we kept them.

So, if I understand this correctly, this means the Republicans…
A) Are more interested in blocking legislation than creating it.
B) Really hate Al Franken.
I think it’s not just about him now being the 60th seat anymore. They just can’t stomach him. Gee I can’t imagine why?

Not to mention that he once co-wrote an SNL sketch about Richard Nixon while on acid. So yeah, they really don’t want him seated.

-Just posted on Twitter. “Jon_FavreauStay tuned… Posting a pic.”
Side note, today was Scarlett Johansson’s first day on “Iron Man 2” as Black Widow.
All I can say is that I consider this the lowest possible pandering to the male geek demo and WHAT’S TAKING SO GODDAMNED LONG WITH THAT PHOTO!!!

-By the way, guess who had dinner with President Obama this past week? KRUGMAN!!!

-A MySpace buddy of mine, Jen Govey has been posting vids over at YouTube. Here’s a couple of them.

What can I say? She’s a geek and she’s adorable. And here at “News from the Front” we are nothing if not pro adorable geek.

-Via Drew McWeeny at Hixfix. An Internet thread dedicated to people creating and posting mock Criterion covers! That, brothers and sisters, is next level geek shit!
Seriously though, some of the work is quite beautiful. (There’s a mock up of “Benjamin Button” that better than the cover Criterion has for it now. And you have not lived until you have seen “Howard the Duck” redone as a tale of urban ennui. ) If I were Criterion, I’d be trolling the thread, looking for designers.

-Respect for the departed Dom please.


More later


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