Today’s dose of pure stupid: Cow farts cause Global Warming.

John Boehner on ABC this weekend. (H/T to Daily Kos.)

EDIT: 8-6-10 Embed didn’t survive transfer to WordPress.  Here’s the link to…

Boehner: Cow farts prove CO2 doesn’t cause climate change

Okay, let me break this down for you.
Yes, all living creatures excrete co2 as a byproduct. Either through exhalation or farting. (Sorry, I don’t know the proper scientific term.) But that co2 is in term absorbed by plant life and converted into oxygen.
The problem comes when we excrete more co2 than the plant life can absorb, which is caused not by breathing or farting but by cars and smoke stacks and Weber grills. And that excessive co2 is what causing the global warming.
While I do not expect my elected officials to know everything all the time, it would be nice if they at least had a grasp of sixth grade science!
And it’s pronounced BON-ER, not BAY-NER! You’re fooling no one! NO ONE!!


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