-Dear Texas: Really?

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Texas governor claims sovereignty from “oppressive” U.S. government

So, does this mean that you’re fine with no longer getting any federal stimulus money, not having federal agents guard your borders and the possibility of having Chuck Norris as your President?
Not to mention having a good chunk of your population not okay with this.

EDIT: Embed didn’t survive the import to WordPress.  Here’s the link to the Daily Kos Electoral Scorecard.  You want Texas, 08.

Although Obama didn’t take the state, forty four percent of the state did vote for him. And I honestly think that most of the people who voted for McCain are not the type to cotton to succeeding from the union. Also, the areas that are blue are right on the border. Not to mention enough of a chunk of the seaports to the gulf of Mexico for ships to bring in arms and supplies to the brave freedom fighters who will fight this texmex oppression .
Also, you really think Austin is going to take this crap lying down? That’s the home turf of Harry Knowles and his Ain’t it Cool News posse. Have you ever read a AICN talkback? These people are animals!
You underestimate nerd rage at your peril.
Also, I think one of their main writers is friendly with Steven Seagal and that sonuvabitch is tough enough and crazy enough to pound Norris’ ass into hamburger.
Succession, yeah…good luck with that.

-Over at Daily Kos, some of my breathen are taken aback with Obama’s attempted poaching of the fourth amendment. However, Liberal Youth is trying to see the glass as half full.

Secret Theory One–Making Congress Do ItOk it is congress’ job to define what are and are not state secrets as far as statutory direction for the courts. This theory states that by advancing theories that are so egregious in their attempts to grab power that it will force congress to act. The people will rise up and hold tea parties against Obama’s behavior and force action on the hand of congress. Obama will play the villain to give the democrats in congress the victory of rolling back executive power grabbed under Bush. Obama’s refusal to say whether he supports the state secrets act is simply a way to keep the topic in the headlines. By drawing additional press it increases the visibility of the issue and the chances that Congress will act on the issue.

I recommend reading the whole thing. He makes some interesting points and it does seem more in keeping with what we’ve seen of Obama.
However…it also reminds me of the moment in Joseph Heller’s “God Knows” when David talks about King Solomon’s decision involving the baby and the two mothers. It turns out he wasn’t being metaphorical, he really did want to cut the Goddamn kid in half!
So for the moment, I’m going to follow the old Mel Brooks axiom and hope for the best and expect the worst. I’ll respect the stage craft but make sure he’s not gonna cut the forth amendment in half.

-Why do I love Netflix? Reason #187.

I’m getting “Akira” on Blu-Ray today.
The anime film that all other anime films bow to.
The anime that defined anime.
The anime that twenty one years later still kicks ass and blows minds.
On Blu-Ray!!!!

-And finally, just for a smile!

More later..


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