Random Notes 4-7-09

-It looks like for one night, the people in Austin were the happiest geeks in the world because a screening of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” turned out to be the greatest bait and switch in history!

The print was beautiful and then lines started appearing on the print. Booooo… then cuts… then it skipped frame, running for about 10 seconds split in half… up is down, down is up and all that before locking up, the frame burning.

Tim jumped on stage to say he’s going up to fix the problem and called for Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof to kill some time. They show up, Lindelof going, “Okay… so, you wanna know what the monster is?” Clearly talking about the black smoke monster on LOST. People started shouting out LOST things (“I want to know what the statue is!” etc etc) and suddenly a man shows up on stage wearing a trench coat and a hat.

This man is holding a film can in his hand. He removes the hat and right there is Leonard Nimoy.

The audience went ballistic, standing ovation for the man, the girl behind me losing her shit. He takes a mic asking what’s going on here… why would you only show 10 minutes of the new movie? “JJ made a good movie, why only show 10 minutes of it?” Then he took a vote. Who wants to only see 10 minutes of the movie? Crickets. Who wants to see the whole thing? Thunderous applause .

For the first and possibly only time in my life, I am sorry that I don’t live in Texas. To hear Quint tell it, the film managed to be a fun ride for both trekkies and non-trekkies alike.

-Yet another reason why I would consider having a sex change operation to woo Rachel Maddow.

First off, I really dig Rachel Maddow.
Second, if you listen to that first backwards clip, it doesn’t sound like “Hail Satan”, it sounds like “Hail Semen”.
That’s not a call out to Satan, that’s something you yell in a bukkake video.

-Speaking of Obama, it looks like his first overseas trip went well, winning over world leaders and regular folks alike. Hell, he even managed to pull of a deal with the G20 to help devloping nations that even managed to impress Krugman. Not to mention that he managed to stop Sarkozy and Jintao from slapping the shit out of each other over offshore Tax Havens. Too bad Kim Jong Il chose to harsh the buzz by launching a rocket that fell into the sea. Which seemed to do zip for Kim Jong Il but added a strong sense of urgency to Obama’s call in Turkey to rid the world of Nuclear Weapons.
Meanwhile, John McCain had a hissy fit with Hispanics and Sarah Palin got cranky over Levi Johnson showing up on Tyra.
I don’t care what anybody says. Unless Obama orders an air strike on New Zealand while sodomizing a boy scout, I’m convinced I made the right choice in November.

-Gee, I wonder how long Biden has been holding this in?

More later.

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