Everything your greasy heart desires….

One of the sad facts of life about being a film geek is that you can’t always find what you’re looking for.
No matter how many titles get released in any given year, there’s always one title that you vaguely remember from childhood that nobody has, nobody has heard of, and if you ask for it at a video store, the clerk looks at you like you just unlocked your jaw and swallowed a Jack Russel Terrier whole. And there’s no guarantee that the film you want will ever come out because it’s just not well known enough to warrant the expense of a full DVD release.
Well, Warner Brothers may have just cracked that problem by announcing The Warners archive.
The plan is to offer for $19.95, custom DVD’s of movies not available for retail. (With digital downloads for $15 coming soon.) And the idea is to have the entire Warner Brothers catalogue on line.
As for image quality, Warners has a solid reputation for taking care of their catalogue titles, so odds are they’ll be presentable, if not shiny perfect.
And considering how obscure some of these titles are, the fact that they’re coming out at all is a miracle.
Case in point, “Captain Nemo and the Underwater City” (Dir, James Hill: 1969.)
I remember seeing about half of this as a kid and going “Wow, a city under the sea? COOL BEANS!”.
Somehow, I doubt the coolness of those beans will survive adulthood. But if looks like it might be a fun old school kids adventure film. And you’ve got Robert Ryan playing Nemo in the same year he played Deke Thornton in Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch” so the contrast should be interesting.
What about you folks? What movie that you vaguely remember from childhood are you jonesing to see?

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