Random Notes-3-21-09

-While we’re all having angina over the AIG bonus kerfuffle, The Treasury plan to buy up toxic assets have been released. And it’s moments like this, I wish I’d taken more (I.E. any) economic courses in college. All I can say is if Paul Krugman is worried, I’m worried.
And Paul Krugman is very, very worried!
Although on CBO projections, not so much.

-On the international front, Obama seems dead dog determined lower the temperature on Iran.

Now he says it’s aimed at the Iranian Rulers but you know that this is going to be used by the moderate fractions to gain leverage over the hard liners. The elections are coming up in June and Ahmadinejad’s reelection is far from a sure thing.

Mr. Ahmadinejad is supported by the conservative Iranian establishment, but his economic policies have unleashed inflation of over 25 percent, and two major setbacks last week suggested that he might be losing support ahead of elections. Last week, Parliament rejected a major element of his proposed budget to cut energy subsidies and to distribute the money directly among the poor.

Add to that the fact that he seemed to spend a chunk of last year almost daring Bush to start tossing missiles in their direction and you got the makings for a thumping. Seriously, you think we were stressed about Bush possibly bombing Iran? Think of the poor guy who thought he might have a bunker buster fall on his front yard.

-(Warning. “Dollhouse” spoilers follow.)
So, let’s review.
There are twenty dollhouses across the globe.
Ballard’s cutie BBW neighbor turns out to be a sleeper active.
And somebody may be feeding Ballard information through Echo that the Dollhouse’s motives may be more sinister than getting rich white people laid. Unless that’s a ruse to make Ballard even more paranoid.
Throw in Patton “Bend over Abigail May, here comes the gravy pipe” Oswalt as a lonely Internet millionaire and the standard sell of Eliza Dushku in fetish gear and this show just went from “Meh” to geek crack in fifty minutes.
Joss Whedon, forgive me for ever doubting you. It will never happen again.

(Don’t get the middle name thingee, here’s the source.)

-Oh, what the hell. Here’s some more Patton for you.

Ah, yes. YouTube. The hamburger helper of blogging.


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