Random Notes: 3-06-09


Because if I have to write one more Goddamn post about Rush Limbaugh, I’m gonna start punching kittens in the throat!

-Some thoughts on the new “Star Trek”trailer in no particular order.

-I’m sorry if I sound like a pendant but that shot of The Enterprise being built on earth still annoys the hell out of me. (Hello, escape velocity? Anyone?)

-It used to be if you wanted to see Kirk and Uhrua kiss, you had to shove them together with psychokinetic powers. Now, all it seems to take is a couple of drinks and a bar brawl. Score one for the Obama era!

-I haven’t seen enough of Karl Urban’s performance to pass judgement but damn if he doesn’t look like a beefier version of DeForest Kelly!

-The two best things about this film from what I see? 1) We finally get a big ass EPIC “Star Trek” movie and 2) Maybe Eric Bana will finally get the career that he deserves.

-Seeing “Watchman” tomorrow night. Working through the book now in preperation. In the meantime, Harry Partridge just posted this bit of batshit insanity.

I know it’s meant to be a parody of Saturday morning cartoons but you know this will drive Alan Moore even crazier than this.

And if you know about the Comedian/Silk Specter storyline, the scene at the 0:55 mark is especially wrong.
And guess what, it’s the same guy responsible for this slice of worst case scenario.

By the by, his YouTube page is here. Check it out.


-Hey kids! Love Kurosawa? Love Blu-Rays? Then you may want to mark May 12 on your calender. Criterion’s dropping “Ran”!!!
Bad news for me. I already have it on DVD and as much as I’d love the image upgrade, I can’t afford the double dip.

And finally, I gotta leave you with this.

More later

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