Rush’s problem isn’t that he doesn’t get it. Rush’s problem is that he can’t sell it!

Tip O’ the hat to Aaron Sorkin for the title.

Please take a moment to watch the video and then meet me below.

Okay, let’s take a second and apply this political strategy to a real world situation.
Let’s say for a moment, that you own a soda company and your latest brand is not selling all that well. In fact, it’s threatening to take down the entire company.
Now let’s say that your competition has just come out with a new beverage. Light, crisp, refreshing. It’s practically Ambrosia in a Can. If fact, that’s it’s name, “Ambrosia in a Can”. Also selling well is “Diet Ambrosia in a Can” and Ambrosia in a Can Zero” that has no sugar, no caffeine and a hint of lemon.
What do you, the owner of the first soda company do about this?
Do you, A) Have a meeting with your R&D team and tell them to get cracking on a new beverage?
Or B) do you get your ad men on the phone and tell them to run a smear campaign against your rival by insinuating that Ambrosia in a Can is actually a cunningly put together mixture of Mule Piss and Monkey Vomit?
If you’ve chosen A, you are a responsible businessman.
If you went with B, You are Rush Limbaugh and you won the company in a poker game and don’t care one way or another if it fails. Even though it’s failure would put hundreds of bottlers and carbonators out of work.
These people either don’t understand the damage they’re doing or they just don’t give a shit. Neither bodes well for the republic.


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