Random Notes: 2-10-09

-Well, the Stimulus bill in finally out of committee. Still collating data so I’ll withhold judgement until I know more. I’m just hoping that Stan Collender is right and that this isn’t Obama’s only bite of the apple.

-Over at Hollywood Elsewhere, in the comments section of a snippet of an interview with Alan Moore, Don Murphy is mixing it up with some of the commentators. Here’s a sample of what he has to say about Moore.

— He took a million dollars from Fox for League- he did not HAVE to do so
— He claims that he never saw League so why does he get to comment on the merits of it? YOU can say what you want to- but he never saw it
— He has made over $3 million dollars on the increased sales of the Watchmen hardcover due to the film- he isn’t returning that money
–He sold the rights to Watchment in 1988
— He attacked V for Vendetta back when it came out- after he had sold those rights

He is an old man who smokes too much hash and prays to a lizard god. Don’t buy his bullshit.

Of course, this is the guy who produced The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie so take that as you will.

-This just makes me ten kinds of giddy!

-The thought of Quentin doing a full bore-call the cops-pure for the hell of it World War II flick gives me no end of film geek wood. But I am concerned about how a film about a group of American Servicemen essentially committing what looks like wartime atrocities is going to play in Obama era America.

-And this really grinds my gears!

On Monday, a Justice Department lawyer dispatched by the new attorney general, Eric Holder, appeared before a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco. The case before them involves serious allegations of torture by five victims of President Bush’s extraordinary rendition program. The five were seized and transported to American facilities abroad or to countries known for torturing prisoners.

Incredibly, the federal lawyer advanced the same expansive state-secrets argument that was pressed by Mr. Bush’s lawyers to get a trial court to dismiss the case without any evidence being presented. It was as if last month’s inauguration had never occurred.

I’m am hoping that is just because Holder only just got sworn in and just got caught flat footed on this.
I hope.
But the sadder fact is that Obama (And believe me, I don’t like writing this any more than you will like reading this.) been kind of a pussy about this. Giving the same boilerplate answer that if crimes were committed, they prosecute but at the same time, we need to look forward not back.
I can understand taking that tact during the transition. After all, Bush was still in office and in a position to keep breaking shit.
But now Obama’s been in office for a month, he’s closed Gitmo, ordered an end to torture and shut down the CIA black sites. It’s a good start but it’s not enough.
If he fails to prosecute the people responsible for this, the next time the wrong people gain power (And make no mistake, that possibility always exists!!) these practices will return!
As the saying goes, no justice, no peace!

EDIT: Fixed a wonky transition.

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