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A very brief note about the “GoDaddy” Superbowl ad.

Nice try trying make nice with the nerd community GoDaddy. But we still remember how you supported SOPA in 2011.  Frankly, your next commercial could have me making out with Bar Refaeli and I still wouldn’t use your company. To … Continue reading

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Random Nerd Notes concerning Hobbits and Hong Kong Phooeys.

(Still taking a break from Politics to recover from the holidays.) -Yeah, I dug it. Didn’t love it but I dug it. Granted, it’s not the pure narrative machine that “Fellowship” was.  It’s feels much more episodic and less urgent. … Continue reading

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Why I’m not inclined to make jokes about the Mayan thing.

Here’s the story. And I’m warning you in advance, I do not come off well in this. I was fourteen and still living in my hometown of Fort Bragg, California. I was watching TV and I started seeing commercials for … Continue reading

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The precise moment Jon Cryer decided to drop out of show business and open a record store.

Via “Badass Digest”, The kid from “Two and Half Men” has found God and wants his earthly suffering to be over. Earthly suffering being defined as the TV show that pays him more for one episode than I will see … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton’s True Facts!

On the one side, we have this… You may disagree with the man on some things. (I personally winced when he started praising the Simpsons-Bowles “Cat food Commission”.)  But on the whole, it was a solid performance. Robust, good-humored.  One … Continue reading

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A word of advice to parents who want to take their kids to the Oogieloves movie…

May I offer the following alternatives for your children that they will enjoy more. “The Court Jester” with Danny Kaye and Angela Lansbury. (1954.) “The Adventures of Robin Hood” with Errol Flynn, Basil Rathborn and Olivia de Havilland. (1938.) “The Red … Continue reading

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Hulu Plus is about to turn into a Hulu Minus.

(H/T to Drew McWeeny for throwing this up on his Twitter feed.) Via The Mary Sue: It looks like that if you want to enjoy Hulu Plus in the future, you have to pay for cable. Hulu provides ad-supported content in … Continue reading

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This is why I’m an Atheist who like to screw…

Seriously…Seriously!! (Via Devin Faraci at Badass Digest.) Look, I get it.  I’m not the target audience for this thing.  I’m not a Christian and I have no great problem with unmarried people having sex.  (Especially when I’m one of them.) … Continue reading

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“Atlas Shrugged” Producer tells critics to go Galt themselves.

Apparently, the free market has spoken.  And it’s told the guy who made “Atlas Shrugged: Part One” that he sucks the ass of a dead donkey. EXCLUSIVE: Twelve days after opening “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1,” the producer of the Ayn … Continue reading

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To Owen Wilson. RE: "Marmaduke"

You need to do the following.1.) Return the money and convince the studio to re-dub the Dog with Matthew McConaughey.2.) Call Wes Anderson and beg for forgiveness.   You might also want to start making nice with Noah Baumbach.3.) Remind yourself … Continue reading

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