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Life is what happens…

Yeah. it’s been quiet here. But with reason. 1. Working on a new script. 2. Tending to the other blog at the Book Site. 3. Working on upgrading my workspace. 4. Trying to inject some life into my life. The … Continue reading

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Catching up: Filibusters, Iran and Thor.

I’m currently deep into editing “Glengarry Glen Styx”. (First assemblage is done.  I still have fine cutting, sound mixing and color correction ahead of me.) So, I’m going to make this quick. THE NUCLEAR OPTION: Yes, it could wind up … Continue reading

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Updates of a filmmaking and writing nature.

As of right now, the readings at Paschel Winery seems to be a go.  I got hard copies of the script to Michael Meyer and he is currently gathering actors for the show.  When he has an official Facebook event … Continue reading

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NEW VIDEO: “How to make Oven Baked Hash Browns” (UPDATED, 2-13.)

The steadicam rig is still giving me nothing but trouble.  And I was starting to get antsy about giving the Final Cut Pro a spin. But thankfully, Vimeo decided to do as one of their Weekend Challenges the topic “Cook up a … Continue reading

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Brief Filmmaking Post: The tooling up continues…

  This is the new Camera Stabilizing unit I got today and it mostly works. The only thing that needs to be done is to properly calibrate the camera to the counterweights. This may require a trip to the hardware store for washers. … Continue reading

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2012: Limping towards the exit.

I’m not going to lie to you. I have been lax about posting this last week and a half. Some of it has been has been getting a handle on the new Final Cut Pro X software. (Seriously, the manual … Continue reading

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Winter is here…and the dogs are hungry.

Yeah, we’ve been hit by snow here in Ashland this week and it’s been…Well, see for yourself. You know, most people see winter as a good thing.  Snowmen, Snowballs, Snow forts.  Happy go lucky wintertime fun. You know how I … Continue reading

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